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         Phoenix Motion Company Ltd. was established in 2012 with the invention of innovative advertising that is unique, innovative and proprietary (company proprietary). It’s called "Direct Advertisement", which is unique. System can count the number of viewers directly (Counting) Which. The taxi in the cooperative group more than 500 vehicles can reach the number of ad viewers at least 6 million times per month. This system has been voted as the most effective taxi advertising system which can check the number of actual passenger traffic.


          Later on the year 2014, Company has new corporate restructuring to enter the clean technology (Green Technology) by focusing on the development of clean energy (Green Energy Development) and robotic systems (AI Robotic). In later year Prof. company in 2016, Company has develop small power plants that use energy from hydrogen (Hydrogen Energy) successfully.

          Company has collected data and the results of various tests. From around the world about electric car technology for several years, environment impact and pollution of today, including the value of the users in the long run.

          From learning and accumulated past experience and established Phoenix EV Company Limited to support the growth of the upcoming electric car market in Thailand.



We " Phoenix EV Company Limited " ready

For the next step in the development of business electric cars (Electric Vehicle) is the best for the world.

About us

We strive to produce the perfect electric car. To meet the needs of consumers.