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About Phoenix EV

          We believe that nature conservation is important. Because we have only one world and every human being should help home world to have fresh air for living creatures that live together on earth. We believe that electric car is one of solution to heal our environment.

          For driving electric cars that save costs to customers.
          For driving electric cars that are safety to customers.
          For driving electric cars that are happy to customers.
          For driving electric cars luxury to customers.
          For traveling with a happy to family of customers.


          Because we believe that electric cars are like a second home of customers and we believe that our customers are our families.

          We are so proud and committed to producing the perfect electric car to meet the needs of customers and to maintain our beautiful world.

"And this is our inspiration for the next step for the good future of everyone and for the world."

About us

We strive to produce the perfect electric car. To meet the needs of consumers.