• Alicorn - Electric Vehicle

    We think that good design not only needs to be beautiful, but the shape must be proportional. The function must meet the quality requirements and must be good. Use must be sustainable. And the price must be at the purchase level. We call this the good design "Design that cares about every aspect".

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  • Alicorn - Eco Friendly

    Produce from processes and technologies that pay attention to environmental impact. Start from selecting raw materials to production until complete as Electric Vehicle.

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EV Powertrain

Electric motors are typically 85 to 95% efficient in transferring energy to their load. However, the difference between 85 and Read More

EV Battery Pack

The Phoenix EV battery pack modules have excellent stability based on the proprietary technology. Our battery have higher energy density Read More

EV Charging Faster

Make EV charging faster test plugged into with a new ultra-fast 150kW charger developed by the group and took on Read More

EV Battery Management System

We are excited to announce our brand-new Battery Management System (BMS) called the Simple Lithium BMS. Read More

Variable Platform Architecture

Deliver exceptional quality and safety, dramatically increase its speed to market, and could easily support a range of vehicle types Read More

EV Smart Mobility

The concept of “Smart EV Mobility” is frequently associated with the idea of growth, development and progress. It has a Read More
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  • Easy To Help the World

    Just change to use an electric car.

  • Join Us to Make a New World

    To have clean air for children you love.



Drive a smooth, because it is an electric motor. Plenty of punch for daily driving.

Design your Own Electric Vehicle with the Phoenix EV Platform

          “Picking out the parts and plugging them together”. Phoenix EV is aiming to make that dream comes true as we unveil the world’s first fully electric vehicle development platform for South East Asia. And includes everything you need to make a vehicle power by battery driving system. The design of everything else is up to you, and its modular design means that it can be tailored to any application from futuristic connected systems for commercial fleets till high performance instrument to be user friendly EV’s that perfect for driving around town.

Developer Friendly & Responsive

  • Modular Design System that allow 3rd party to make improvement to Increase Performance and Extend Product Life Cycle.
  • Third Party Company can join Phoenix EV task force. To make EV better for local use with new Part and New Instrument.

We want to help Bangkok Air Pollution

          We keep on pursuing endless growth with many repercussions on both public and private transport. In fact, while strategies and policies seeking to improve economic development usually end up increasing transport connectivity, and their programs often miss to consider side effects like the rise of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. As a result, today some of the biggest conurbations in the world have alarming air pollution levels that put people’s health at risk. Implications for future living have resulted in some remarkable case studies in urban de-carbonization where the use of private car has got from discouraged of un-efficiency of public transport network.

Phoenix EV Team



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Deputy CEO - Management


CTO - Engineering


COO - Operation


CCO - Commercial


CMO - Marketing


CSDO - Software Development
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About us

We strive to produce the perfect electric car. To meet the needs of consumers.


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